26 Apr 2018:

Code for this website is now live on github! Feel free to check it (along with other projects) out here.

Bugfix: Cards with byes in the first round now display correctly when not showing the first round.

10 Apr 2018:

Bracket now only shows max 4 rounds. Trying to see a bracket that has more than 4 rounds pops up links to see other 'windows' of rounds. I'm not really sure I like this option, but I want a scalable option that will last through the entire bracket, rather that just making things a bit smaller for now and pushing off solving the real problem for later. I'm open to feedback if you have strong feelings on how the current option works.

Bugfix: Searching for cards with apostrophes would fail.

Bugfix: Backend didn't update when starting a new round correctly.

4 Apr 2018:

Made prefix suggestions clickable.

Bugfix: searching for a card which was a prefix of another card (e.g., 'Fog', 'Fog Bank') would fail.

3 Apr 2018:

Added prefix functionality to searching.