Contact Me

I welcome your ideas to improve this website. Obviously, I won't make any promises, but I'm having a lot of fun working on this, and I'd love to hone my development skills and see what I can add to this project.

I'd also like to hear about any bugs you encounter.

I'm also looking for other interesting and useful projects to sink my teeth into, so if you have an interesting idea, I'd love to hear about it. This could be a community database like mtgtop8 or a simple resource like the GoatBots EV Calculator. It could also be something completely outside the realm of Magic: the Gathering. Some resource like Platinum God for Binding of Isaac, HotsLogs for Heroes of the Storm, or the Undermine Journal for World of Warcraft. It could be a reddit/twitch/twitter/discord bot. It could be a mod for a Steam game. Basically, I'm looking to broaden my (web) development knowledge and, as a gamer, I'd love to do something for the communities I frequent.

As of Mid-July 2018, I'm also looking for employment opportunities in the Boston area. Feel free to contact me if you have specific ideas or openings.

You can get in touch with me on reddit, just message u/rakkamar, or email me at (remove the 77, 88, and 33, but not the 31. your cooperation is appreciated in order to fight spambots).